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    Welcome - Greeting - Manner - Mid Autumn
    WEEK New Lesson Structures Activities Song/Rhythm
    1 Vocabs: Hi - Hello - Goodbye - Thank you - Wonderful - Happy 1) I am great (wonderful, happy)
    2) What number is it? - It's number 1
    3) Is it big / small? - Yes, it is / No, it isn't
    4) What is it? - It's an apple
    This is some activities and games teachers may use in the class:
    - Musical chair: the teacher prepares music and a ball. When the teacher plays the music, the kids will pass the ball around. When it stops, the kid who is holding the ball have to answer the questions
    - Flashcards jumping: put the flashcards on the floor and invite 2 or 3 studs to come and play. The teacher will shout the word and students jump on that flashcard
    - Flashcards and sticky ball: the teacher spreads the flashcards on the floor and uses the sticky ball to throw at one of them. Then the teacher will ask the stud the question
    - Missing flashcards
    - Gesture: the stud will receive a flashcard and he or she can only use the body language to express the word
    - Coloring: in some lessons, teachers need to prepare some pictures that relates to that day's topic for the stud to color
    - Teachers can teach the studs some simple songs

    BIG & SMALL:
    Math: Numbers 1-10
    Aa: apple - axe - ant
    Science: big - small
    2 Vocabs: Moon Cake, Tea, Lantern, Lantern parade, lion dance, moon 1) What is it? - It's Moon Cake
    2) Do you like Moon Cake? - Yes, I do / - No, I don't
    3) What shape is it ? - It's a circle
    4) How many circles are they? - They are 2
    5) Is it tall / short? - Yes, it is / No, it isn't

    Math: Numbers 1-10 (Review)
    Shapes: circle, square, star
    Bb: bear, bed, banana
    Science: Tall - Short
    3 Vocabs: in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening 1)Goodbye Mommy/Daddy, I go to school
    2) At night, I watch TV. I play Ipad and I go to sleep
    3) What is bigger / smaller? Square is bigger / smaller
    4) How many stars are they? They are 20

    Math: circle, square, star (review)
    Numbers 11-20
    Cc: cat - cow - cup 
    Science: Bigger - Smaller

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