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    Chương trình tiếng anh tháng 11/2023 - Bud 1+2

    Ngày đăng : 16:27:40 31-10-2023
    Teacher's Day
    WEEK New Lesson Language To Use  Activities
    1 Vocabs
    Teacher, student, school, classroom, chalk, board
    1) Who is he/she? He/she is a teacher.
    3) Is she a teacher? Yes, she is. / No, she isn't.
    4) What number is it? It's number 10
    5) Can you count forward/ backward numbers from 10-15
    6) What can you do? I can brush teeth
    This is some activities and games teachers may use in the class:
    - Musical chair: the teacher prepares music and a ball. When the teacher plays the music, the kids will pass the ball around. When it stops, the kid who is holding the ball have to answer the questions
    - Flashcards jumping: put the flashcards on the floor and invite 2 or 3 studs to come and play. The teacher will shout the word and students jump on that flashcard
    - Flashcards and sticky ball: the teacher spreads the flashcards on the floor and uses the sticky ball to throw at one of them. Then the teacher will ask the stud the question
    - Missing flashcards
    - Gesture: the stud will receive a flashcard and he or she can only use the body language to express the word
    - Coloring: in some lessons, teachers need to prepare some pictures that relates to that day's topic for the stud to color
    - Teachers can teach the studs some simple songs
    Learn 10-15
    Brush Teeth

    2 Vocabs:
    Happy Teacher’s day, gift, flower, song, party
    1) What do you want to be? I want to be a teacher.
    2)Where does the teacherwork? He /she works at the school
    3) What number is it? It's number 10
    4) Can you count backward from 10-15?
    5) Show the "Square". Ask: "What is it?"
    Review: circle, square, triangle

    Wash hands
    3 Vocabs:
    Happy Teacher’s day, gift, flower, song, party
    1) Happy Teacher's Day
    2)What do you want? I want a flower.
    3) Do you like gift? Yes, I do. / No, I don't.
    4) Is it a gift? Yes, It is. / No. It isn't
    5) What color is the flower? It's ............
    6) What do you give teacher? I give a flower.
    Recognize the number "11 to 15       
    In the test of November, students will have to present, talk about things related to jobs & teacher's day
    Please create your own style of test so that they can be able to perform their ability within their skills.

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